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Thread: Mouflon & Blackbuck.

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    Mouflon & Blackbuck.

    Hi, guys - I am very interested in shooting a Mouflon and Blackbuck this season and wonder if anyone can steer me in the right direction for a UK source. I know several parks offer this as exotic hunts. What is out there. Bill.

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    Speak to Roo Ellis at the Hunting Agency,The Hunting Agency | Home
    he is not long back from Argentina and can organise blackbuck the only place I believe, apart from ranches in Texas, where you can hunt Blackbuck.

    He is also connected with Artemis hunting,Artemis Hunting - Croatian Hunting Adventures, Tomo, Svetic, who have very good Mouflon on the Adriatic coast.The Czech Republic seems to be the place for the best Mouflon in Europe.

    I have hunted with both these companies and can recommend them.
    Both these species are high priority for me as well, especially the mouflon, i just haven't got round to taking the plunge and splashing the cash.


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    Thanks Moose - will check the all out. Bill.

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    Adriatic coast mouflon are incredibly expensive.
    Spain and Hungary are far cheaper, and yes I know you pay for the experience and each place has a different type of hunting, but the Hungary prices were half of Croatia when I looked into it. There is a chap on Africa Hunting offering upto 95cm hungarian mouflon (high gold medal) at sensible prices and they are apparently wild free ranging.

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    Try this agency in Hungary . I have never hunted mouflon with him,only boar. However the trophies I have seen there seemed pretty good .

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