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Thread: Landrover Discovery TD5

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    Landrover Discovery TD5

    Looking for some advice,I am looking at a disco TD5 2004 plate at a local garage for 11 grand , are they reliable and are they expensive to repair.Would I regret buying it ? any advice gratefully received



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    other than that it seems overpriced, you will not be dissapointed,

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    Unless it's top spec and done less than 20k then it is overpriced.

    What spec is it and mileage?

    IMO find a new shape Hilux for the 11k, you will have no problems and resale is very good.

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    Would I regret buying it ? any advice gratefully received




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    I am a stalwart Landrover fan and have owned Discovery's from series 1 to 3 and would love to get the latest model but can't justify the expense. The only disappointment I had was with a series 2 with twin sunroofs which started to leak after the windscreen was replaced and was never resolved even after the unit was replaced.


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    We have one, and it's a real workhorse! Whilst it has had a few problems - such as one door not unlocking, rear screen wiper packing up, fuel pump, on the whole wouldn't change it. I don't think you'll regret buying it. Ours has done 143,000 hard miles - prob a third of them towing livestock trailers - You will NEVER find a better towing vehicle! IMHO



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    As a land rover lover, I wouldn't buy one as a main car. They always run but always have things going wrong. The TD5's are fairly expensive to fix. I would say its well overpriced. For that amount I would get a Hilux, unless you are towing. Then I would go either Disco but again for that amunt I'd buy the Toyota land cruiser or amazon, they are awesome towing vehicles......If you want a second hobby and enjoy fixing cars then get a landy!!

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    I've got a Series 3 and love it. Had a old rangy (so many bills it had to go)and a Shogun (super reliable next to nothing to run went anywhere but ....). If you do not like garages and there bills you could go for something else but then you only live once. Paid 800 bill last night but still drove away from the garage with a smile.

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