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Thread: .338 win mag.

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    .338 win mag.

    Does anyone know of any retailers/gunshops that have .338 win mag ammo in stock. I am willing to travel to get some! Regards ml

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    Try Hannams Reloading.
    I got some 416 Rigby ammo there, you never know if you don't ask.

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    Thanks, they indicate that they have some in stock on their website, I will call them later. Much obliged, ml

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    Try Forest Lodge Lincoln 01673 858554 - they dont have a website, they're the old type shop. But if they havent got any in then they'll do their damnedest to get it for you asap.


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    Thanks, I've owned a .338 wm Rem 700 with Ase Utra mod now for over a year, but attempts to get ammo have failed (twice). This is great info from you guys, many thanks ml

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    You're going to have to get into reloading if you want to shoot anything other than a few favoured calibres in this country.

    I see that you are based in London have you tried they seem to advertise a special interest in the larger calibres.

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    As 8x57 says, you're better off home loading. I've got an RFD friend who's getting me 200, 225gn Hornady SST's - which should keep me going for some time . In the meantime I picked up some factory rounds from Forest Lodge. If you do give em a ring ask to speak to Matt and say that Andrew - last purchase Apel mounts - from Nottm recommended you, and he should look after you. Let me know how you get on if you do ring



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    Thanks, what do you use the .338 for. ml

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    Thanks 8 x 57 I'll put them on the list to call.

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    Hi - Try Wilson and Wilson in Kent Big Bore speacilists!

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