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Thread: optolyth 30x80 mint

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    optolyth 30x80 mint

    hello all,right here is a grand condition 30x80 optolyth scope two draw,only fault i have is a wee bit of paint of the fitting position for a tripod,just where it screws on,it is pretty much nothing,the case also is super condition,the draw is tight and the blueing on the draw is excellent,320 posted special delivery.if you are close come and see me and test it out,just outside kingussie.

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    BUMP..........300 DELIVERED SPECIAL DELIVERY,after this its flea bay,cheers.

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    I hope you've bought it!! I have the Optolyth 30x75 which is great, though a little bulky. Being a two-draw the 30x80 is that much more convenient. I keep getting this nagging voice in my head saying "buy the 30x80"!!

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    ha,ha,i ken i have tested just about all the optics available to a stalker,and have pinned my self down to the most efficient and practical as far as the job needs,its a grand scope,but my grays will do me fine,,dropped 20 tonight,and already it seems it might be away,paypal waiting,cheers.

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    Dear all

    Have excited a few electrons so payment should be winging it's way North

    Best regards


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    electrons...!!!??i get it but i barely have internet connection,,lol.i see its in my paypal,nigel thats superb,i will get it sent away tomoz,special delivery,i will p.m you the traking number then,cheers.


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    Scope arrived promptly, perfect A1 condition

    Many thanks


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