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Thread: shooting woodpigeon

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    shooting woodpigeon


    What's the law regarding me shooting woodpigeon and collared doves with an air rifle ?

    Atb Steve

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    Best use a decent powered rifle though for humane reasons. Practice on targets first!
    .177 is best for birds! (And anything else except maybe rats at close range!) There's a topic for discussion?!

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    Are you talking about in your garden or in the fields. In the fields no problem crack on. Not sure about in your garden I would think its ok as long as you dont disturb the neighbours and the pellet dose not go beyond your property.

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    Yep they are making a bloody mess of my decking. The problem is nosey neighbours !

    Atb Steve

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    hi there agains the law to shoot any bird in your garden vermin or not under the bird protection act, but you can on open licence for crop protction in the field,bloke hear got done 200 for shooting a woody in his garden

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    You can shoot wood pigeon on an open general licence for the protection of crops or to stop disease as they are dropping guano all over your decking which is a health hazard and you have tried to scare them away without any joy and that you do it humainly and not let the birds or pellets land outside the perimiter of your property you should be ok as long as it complys with the general licence
    Paul D

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    A silenced PCP air-rifle makes VERY little noise - certainly not enough to attract the attentions of "nosey neighbours". (I've an Air Arms s410 with a mod on - barely makes a noise! Works wonders on pigeons and rabbits....and it's .177)

    Mess = a health hazard; general licence provisions allow for this. Just make sure no pellets stray over your boundaries - backstop can be as big an issue for air-rifles as it is for centrefires, just the context differs (eg if using in your back garden, don't necessarily think that a fence panel will stop a pellet!)
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    course you can shoot them in your garden, so long as it is YOUR garden.
    I shoot them regularly with a PCP.
    problem is not the noise its the bloody mess. head shots make them flap a fair bit ad the feathers everywhere are a dead giveaway (excuse the pun) that I have just shot one! garden is overlooked by properties either side but I ALWAYS shoot them from inside.

    you dont want ARU turning up all tooled up with itchy trigger fingers because the old lady next door swears she saw Al Quaeda!

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    I think you will find that you cannot just shoot them. As a dad recently found out and was prosecuted wo doing such. If he had said the woody was eating his veg it would have had a defence.

    As for calibre, have shot hundreds of woodies with a .22 air rifle (2x BSA Mercury, HW77k AA S100)


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    Used to remove them with a tatty basket. Prop up on a stick and string, Bate with corn. Pull string when bird under. Put in bag. Tell nosey you are releasing in the countryside. Don't have to say it will not be alive at that point. LOL

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