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Thread: pistol for dispatch

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    pistol for dispatch

    Hi all what i would like to know is which police forces will allow semi-auto pistols for dispatch in the uk as i know wiltshire and northumbria do.

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    hi chris i dont think there is any in the country but may be wrong
    atb tom

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    I wouldn't think a semi-auto is a good idea, better with a revolver surely?.

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    Are you saying Wiltshire and Northumbria allow section 5's....doubt it somehow

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    I know of someone in N. Wales with a .38 revolver restricted to single shot!

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    If you can prove good reason then you stand a good chance. I know someone who farms deer in the southwest who has a 9mm glock for humane dispatch, unrestricted.

    Private Fraser, why would a revolver be better than a semi auto? I don't understand why there is a difference.
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    The problem with semi-auto's is you can't really restrict them to 2 shot like you can with a revolver. The magazine can be restricted but you could just buy another mag. I know of one that was issued by GMP but when they realised that the aluminium block used to restrict it could be removed easily they tried to recall it. The owner refused to hand it in and there is an ongoing courtcase to get it revoked.
    I was always led to believe that restrictions to pistols needed to be irreversible but I was told recently that there is a sec5 rfd who restricts revolvers by supergluing empty cases in 4 of the cylinders.
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    Revolvers don't jam, don't need as much maintenance,probably cost more,are a lot safer if only used double action and can be restricted shot wise.
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    Ah ok Si, I thought fraser meant better in some functional way. The person I know has the Glock in 9mm, and with no requirement to reduce the capacity.

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