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Thread: just when you think you can relax..

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    just when you think you can relax..

    Well, the amount of time that I and some friends from SD spend trying to shoot foxes on my shoot is mad. I wouldnt like to work out how many man hours go into it but around 2 weeks ago i thought that we were well on top of them and i could 'kick back' a little before the birds arrive.. How wrong could i be! I took a mate out who sat up a highseat overlooking a cover crop to shoot the rabbits with his air rifle while i went and stalked another area for foxes and deer (where i shot my last buck..)

    Anyways, said friend only managed 2 rabbits but at least scared them off for a few hours but he did see 2 foxes! only 60yds away, one fox taking his prize rabbit! He was sick because of his loss and because he didnt have something man enough for foxes.

    So, i took the head etc of the last deer and planted it on the edge of the field, set the stealth cam up and 48 hours later i had over 700 photos to wade through. Some more interesting ones below. Bitter sweet results as theres a buck on the land i didnt know about but also that the foxes are in the locality.. not for long i hope!!

    Not exactly stalking but may interest somebody!

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    good pics just wondering what is make and model of cam.i am thinking of getting one but need one that is idiot proof and comes well recommended cheers j.

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    They look pretty damn fine pics from a trail cam, can I ask what the model is?
    The ones we use around our game shoot are getting tired and the pic quality is going downhill.
    Does it take SD cards?


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    Good work Flyingfisherman. That trail cam has worked a treat.

    I've been off line for a few days... I'll be in touch about that beer!


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    Its a bushnell XLT i think. its dead easy to use and has a built in LCD display. It takes SD cards also. A wise man pointed out to me that you just need a pic, you dont need to see how many whiskers are on its chin, just enough to tell whether its a buck/doe/fox etc.. So you dont need massive amounts of megapixels. This one can take 8mp, 5mp or 3mp depending on how many pics you want to be able to store. I think these are 5mp which is more than ample.

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    NIce piccies fella. Now just point me at em!!

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    there all yours SDD.. well the foxes anyways!

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    Ill send you some foxes Ben I dropped on two more litters which have just moved in the last week, they probably wandered over at A1 from your shoot to me cause the rabbits are fatter over here

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    Heres another couple of pics from the stealth cam. This is a buck im leaving to mature. Seen him in the scope several times.. I think he could turn a good head.. He seems to have shape which is nice, a few others which have come from this bit of land have had very straight antlers which to me arent very appealing. All i have to do now is keep the dog men away from him...

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