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Thread: What would you do?

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    What would you do?

    Having just read about the cancerous fallow post my mind started wandering as to what I would do if, during the gralloch, I found a condition that rendered the carcase unfit for human consumption.

    I have level 2 and cannot remember this topic being dealt with at all during training or referred to in any of the best practice guides.

    What would you do with carcase - leave it there? carry it home for disposal, I really do not know what I would do so your guidance is sought. What do others do? (and I appreciate it is quite a rare occurrence).

    Difficult to get a fallow (or a roe for that matter) down a rabbit hole!!!!

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    If it is a notifiable disease, like foot & mouth or bluetongue, you are supposed to leave the carcass where it is and get in touch with the local Animal Health Divisional Office Vet and get him to inspect it where it lays.

    There is a list of these offices in your DSC1 handbook, yours is; daytime 01228 591999, night line 0113 2300100.

    If you have made the mistake of bringing it back to your larder, then that will have to be sanitised to the ministry vets satisfaction.

    Anthing else, you can either incinerate, bury as per DEFRA/DSC handbook guidelines or take it to your local tip for disposal.

    I will probably have missed something out, but that is the gist of it. I am sure it is in the DSC1 handbook?

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    Thanks for the response and I am well aware of all of that information but what if it was more of a condition/ accident driven and not a disease i.e septiceamia - as a qualified meat and other foods inspector I would recognise that and decide that it is an inedible carcase but not notifiable. (as are many diseases and conditions).

    On site incineration is obvilously not an option to most of us and not many have access to a nearby licenced incinerator. Also many have no access to a local "big hole" digger to bury it.

    I am also aware that the "local tip" will not take it without the necessary paperwork etc and its no good taking it to the local council recycing centre as they will not take putrecibles neither will they collect it as a "special collection" without a sizeable fee and presuming they will go off raod to get it.

    The dilema continues - or do we leave it where it lies (on your stalkiing ground) and walk away.

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    Beasts die in nature. Assuming it was well of the beaten path and the stench not liable to upset anyone I would give it a covering of brash and walk away. It may not be quite the legal thing to do but if not contagious I think it would be morally defensible. Closer to habitation I would put it to the knackery that takes fallen stock.

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    IMHO, should be the knackers yard.
    Costs about a fiver here.

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    Hi all i would take it to you nearest slaugter house . ask to put it in their cat 1 bin thay wont charge hopfuly.. Cheers Neil

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    knowing You you would probably ring me and say bring digger

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    Dig a hole, and cut it up.
    You would be surprised how little it need be, just make sure it had a good depth to it.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Im with longlowdog. If its not notifiable, put it somewhere inconspicuous and leave it for the foxes. One thing i noticed with a deer i had to shoot due to septicaemia is that absolutely nothing touched the carcass.. not foxes, badgers or crows.. the infection was so bad that the carcass did humm a bit though!

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    Thanks for the response - I think Longlowdog has the answer.

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