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Thread: Wallaby spotted near Marlowe

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    Wallaby spotted near Marlowe

    Just got off the phone to my son who assures me he just spotted a wallaby near Marlowe,he does not live in the area and was just passing througH.
    He is a country bred lad and knows his stuff,so is this a one off or are there plenty of wallabies in this area. I saw one years ago in Penshurst kent but not seen one since.

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    We have some near me they have been kept on a local farm for some years now.when one gets out and os seen in shooting season they certianly grab attention.

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    I vaguely recall a story of wallabies escaping an enclosure some years back. Something about them digging under the fence as opposed to jumping it springs to mind.

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    have come across wallaby and lama while out with the dogs .. escaped from local country park near bath. funny to see the dogs reaction .

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    If at Marlow they will be escapies from Lord McAlpines place between Henley on Thames and Marlow, often see them out that way.

    I wouldnt say theres loads but always seems to be the odd one mooching about.

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    Quite a few on a local estate near the safari park... they give the beaters a scare. I thought i seen one in a football park but it turned out to be a lurcher having a crap!!

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    Cheers Dakaras I will pass on your info to my son , he was curious as to where it had come from.Thanks to all the rest of you for your replies. Wallabies,boar,lamas,alpacas where will it all end lol.

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    Shoot 'em, they are great tucker!

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    Found out today Lord and Lady McAlpine had an open day today.....Missed my chance to have a nosey!

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    There have been wild wallabies at large in the UK for some time, the main areas in which they can (or could) be found are Dunstable Downs, The Peak Districts and an island in Loch Lomond.

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