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Thread: tips for gwp pup training

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    tips for gwp pup training

    hi all, just wondering if any of you more experienced guys on here could give any tips on training the gwp pup that i've just purchased.he is only 8 week old but i'd like to try to start with the basics early with him.I got him off a game keeper on the duke of westminster estate and his mum worked deer and his dad worked rough shooting.I would like to use him for rough shooting(i dont know if this alters how you'd go about training).i know hes young but if i keep things fun for him then hopefuly it will help in the long run.the gwp is a new breed to me but everything i read about them i like.Thanks gary.

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    The biggest tip for all dogs, gun dogs or other, for any kind of training is basic obedience. If you get this right from the very beginning it helps. It sounds stupid and I'm not trying to tell you how to suck eggs but everyone I have ever known who has had a problem with dog training it has come down to basic obedience training. Dont be tempted to move on to the more advanced/interesting side of things until you are sure you ahave this absolutely nailed down.

    Good luck and have fun, my latest trainee winded and stalked into his first deer (plural) at the weekend. The sense of achievement is unbelievable and certainly worth all the various frustrations we have had up till this point.

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    Don't try to put an old head on young shoulders.

    Just get the basics right, teach him that saying something means do it and stay consistant, if you tell him to do something he really should do it and release him when finished.

    Basically as above just do basic training and manners. Don't let any bad habits form and always finish on a good note. Don't set him up for failures, build his confidence and only ask him to do things you know he will achieve.

    More specific breed traing can come later

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    Wot i have started doing with my last 2 pups is as soon as i get them i start to get them used to my recall and sit commands and whistle at feeding time. They dinae have a clue what it means but they soon figure 2 peeps come and long peep sit they get fed. I think it makes it slightly easier later on. I also let him free run with big dogs and as soon as he chases and almost catches 1 i blow the recall so old dog turns and bombs back with him close behind
    My newest pup is 4 month old GWP he's really coming round to me now, cracking wee dog, it's took a while was very independent and aloof at the start.

    Biggest other advice i would get is pester as many people u can for advice and help, esp if u've seen there dogs work and like the way they work/handle them. Even join a gundog club or a few mates together for a bit of training, good socialising for dog and gets it used to 'shoot day' type scenerio's.

    Good luck wi him

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