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Thread: 70gn ballistic tips in .243 win using varget or N140

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    70gn ballistic tips in .243 win using varget or N140

    can anyone point me in the right direction for the maximum load for each of the above, just going on bullet weight alone i am finding quite large variations between different sources

    rifle is blaser .243 unmoderated.

    thanks in advance

    also any pet loads might be helpful

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    For 243 I'm now getting good results with VV's new load data with around 39gr N140, 87gr softpoint. Heavier bullet than you though.

    Have you checked the VV web site for their new 2008 load data ? - their old ones were too low and didnt work well for me.

    Old 2006 data for similar set up:

    Hornady 70Gr SXSP - 38.70 - 43.2 N140

    New 2008 data for similar set up:

    Hornady 70Gr SXSP - 41.00 - 44.5 N140

    Perhaps it's best to work from the powder than the bullet manufacturer?

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    Maximum load for Varget is 40.5 grain with the 70 grain bullet. (Lee's 2nd Edition, Pg267) The pressures are almost 58K.

    When in doubt, look to the max load for the next heavier bullet and stay below it.~Muir

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    thanks chaps but i was actually after info relating to that specific bullet.

    nosler dont list either powder online.

    hodgson, list 40.5 as max for a 70gn, but not the b-tip, and for example speer take their 70gn's to 41.1 varget.

    i guess i'll just work some up and wait for the signs

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    The nosler reloading manual dated/printed 2002 gives 70gn balistic tip for varget as 42.0 max, there are no loads for n140, the manual tends towards slower powders for the heavier bullets in 243win


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    thanks steve, just what i wanted

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