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Thread: .270 and H4381

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    .270 and H4381

    There is a free digital edition of Guns magazine here
    GUNS Magazine August 2011 Digital Edition
    On page 22/23 there is a short article about H4831 and the .270 Winchester, which some may find interesting...

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    It's true - 130gn bullets and H4831 is the 'go to' combination for the .270.

    I run mine using 130gn Hornady Interlocks over 60gns of H4831 but it's good to have alternatives given the crappy supply of powder in the UK. I have had good results with Reloder 22 and Vihtavouri N160 and a mate likes to use H4895 for a slower load.


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    H-4831 and the 270 (and 30-06, etc) has been a pretty well established combination in the US for decades. I grew up with this powder as at one time, you could buy it surplus in hardware stores, cheap! People loaded it in everything but especially 270 and 30-06. Hodgdon's used to put out data for it's use in 22 Hornet! H-4831 and 4350 are my go-to powders for all large capacity cases. ~Muir

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    I use it in my 270 and in my 243 WSSM, a bonus both calibers working so well with the same powder.



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    ive just gone onto h4831sc from n160 in my 270 with 140gn barnes tsx and punching paper at about 2860fps and producing clover leaves so at the moment my rifle seems to like it BUT it hates RL22 , i cant buy a group with the bloody stuff !!

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