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Thread: Theoben Fenman

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    Theoben Fenman

    I'd prefer the Fenman but would consider another Theoben gas ram.


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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    I'd prefer the Fenman but would consider another Theoben gas ram.

    Bond & Bywater in Preston had one in the other week (Tel. 01772-257851, they're closed on Mondays)
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    I had a Fenman, found it hard to get consistent results with it, then I got an Olympus which is the same gas ram with a 10" barrel instead of 7.1/2", it was much better dead easy to shoot.
    The Fenman has to have a higher ram pressure to achieve the same ME compared with a 10" barrel so it is more lively and harder to hold steady.
    Would I buy another Fenman, no
    Or Olympus, oh yes.

    So go for the longer barrel IMO.
    Olympus, Evolution, Taunus or Sirroco classic, not the Sirroco 2000 which had the 7.1/2" barrel as well.

    The trigger is crap on all of them except the Olympus or the earlier ones with the bought in trigger made by BSA or not sure...
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    Thanks all.
    Jack...thanks, I'll check out the Olympus, not one I've heard of.


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