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Thread: Remington 700 Light Varmint .243 Any One??????

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    Smile Remington 700 Light Varmint .243 Any One??????

    Hi there ,

    Just wondering if anyone has or has had a Remington 700 Light Varmint .243?????
    Please give you your views!
    I have just put a deposit on a new one with Meopta 3-12 x 56 ill ret and a wildcat Mod. Also going to change the trigger.
    I was recommended to over Steyr ans Sako as a fantastic out the box rifle.
    Be greatful for your views


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    WOW, You are lucky to find one of them, particularly in .243.
    I have one in .308 but only a few of those came over back in the mid nineties.
    That particular model was made primarily as a Varmint rifle for long range shooting with Centre fire cartridges.
    If you have a new one they must be having a re-run on them.
    Mine is a Remington 700 Adl LVSF and has a Bell and Carson, pillar bedded, synthetic stock with an R3 recoil pad.
    It is fantastically accurate with most any rounds put through it.
    When I bought mine the rrp was over 1k whereas the standard Remmies were going for around 600
    Oh, and when I got mine the trigger was not the standard trigger so you may not need to tinker with yours when you get it.

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    I have one. Its a remy 700 vlsf in 243. Im a bit biased but Im very happy with mine. It can shoot .6" with 55-87grn when i do my bit properly (havnt tried 100s yet). I have kept the factory trigger but had a play with it and its now about 2lb. Mine gets used as a deer/ fox rifle. Have a try with it first but mine was pressure bedded. It shot well but i have since free floated it and it shoots a bit tighter now. I was told there were less than 500 made in 243 and i couldnt find it listed on the remmy web site in 243. If you want any load data/ help give me a PM.
    If i ever shoot it out im thinking of rebarreling it in 260.

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    Andy and Stan, are your models Bdls or Adls?
    Mine is an Adl, load from the top.
    The trigger is chrome plated and needed just a little adjustment to get it away from the USA standard and is now perfect.
    The stock is a Bell and Carlson pillar bedded one so needed no other fiddling with.
    Aparently the barrel is special and is not likely to be shot out in my lifetime.
    The reason they did not show up on the standard Remington web site was because any calibres above 22-250 were listed as 'specials' and I was also told only a few in those calibres were made.

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    My mate has LVS in .243 very good rifle shoots very well
    + Bruce potts (my hero) rates them too .The only other light weight I would consider is a SAKO finlite.

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    Mark, When I first saw the LVSF in the shop it was next to a Sako Finnlight in the rack and initially I thought they were the same.
    It was only because I was after a .308 and the the one on the right of the two was a .243 that I didn't pick up the Finnlight in the first place.
    They were both around the same price at the time too.
    I've now changed it to a Bdl with a laminated stock for ease of loading and it still shoots like a dream.
    I put it up for sale not so long ago but had no interest so have decided to keep it after all.
    Attached is a picture of a period I had it mounted in a Hogue stock for use in extreme weather conditions, the nylon string 'sling' did not soak up the water as much as my leather sling so string was the order of the day !!!!

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    Mine Is an ADL as well. I think thats all they came as. I get on with loading from the top so its not an issue for me. I didnt know it had special barrel. Ive kept things simple with a swaro 8x56 and pez mod so its a joy to walk round with all day if needed.

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    Hi Stan,
    yes I thought they all came as Adl's but nobody has mentioned it yet so thought maybe it was a few that came in as Bdl's.
    Mostly when folk talk of Remingtons they are normally accepted as standard Bdls. When anybody has an Adl they normally make a point of mentioning it.
    I don't think Edgar Bros brought many of them into the country because they were so expensive compared to the normal run of Remingtons.
    When I contacted Remington in the USA I was told it was a Varmint design for centre fire .22s with 'just a few extras' done in the larger calibres and she thought they had only been done for Remington staff. When I told her I had a .308 she was very surprised.

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    hello lads
    i got one of these rifles last year and i have to say a great little rifle in 243 i tested loads this morning 85 serria varmits they where clover leaf at 150 meters i have not free floated the barrel the best speed was 3100 fps well happy

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