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Thread: A memorable night

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    A memorable night

    Not long back from an night at a fox cairn with my son. I will give you a little history.Yesterday evening went to a high cairn on my own and saw signs of occupation so decided to stay the night to see if I could get a shot at vixen or dog. Vixen came in at 11pm and as often happens she came from an unexpected angle.We were only 20 yds apart and I was totally in sight,every move I made she froze looking at me,so had to let her get out of sight.She went into cairn right below me and dissapeared. I knew it was only a matter of time before she winded me. 5 minutes later she bolted out of the cairn and made the mistake of stopping when i gave a squeak,thus ended the vixen. A couple of hours later 2 cubs came out and I shot 1. Waited the rest of the night and saw nothing else.
    My son is just back from Uni and asked to come out with me the following night.
    When we eventually got back to the cairn 1 1/2 hrs on a quad involving going over a 3000 ft hill we were pleased to see it was going to be a lovely night.We got ourselves settled in a comfy spot and waited. Eventually (11.30) it got too dark to shoot so we settled down for a night with the lamp.The tops of the mountains all round were tinged with the afterglow of the sunset .We sat looking to the South ,where the nearest tarred road and permanent habitation is over 50K away.We were also looking down to the place where my father, who was a stalker, was born .His father was also a stalker. My son for the first time started asking questions about the old days and it was my great pleasure to tell him the old stories told to me by my father about the lands of our forebears.
    The moon then rose slowly out of the glen,full and clear and shone down the length of a perfectly calm hill loch ,illuminating dozens of circles made by the rising trout.It was truly beautiful.
    Unfortunately we still had a job to do and various sweeps with the lamp added another cub to the tally.It seemed a sin to shatter the peace with the needs of man!
    Daylight came clear and still, with no sign of the dog fox or any more cubs. After watching a stunning sunrise at 4.28 we waited a while longer then gathered our gear up and set off home. On the way back over the tops, we started to descend into the glen when a ptarmigan hen did the broken wing ruse to lure us away from her chicks. To top it all off there was a temperature inversion and the glen at my house was full of mist with just the tops of the mountains showing. A fittlng end to a memorable night.

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    That's as good as it gets.


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    Shangri-la personified !!! Beautifully described Hummel, glad you had such a great night..

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    trout rising in the moonlight love it.................if there really is a heaven i reckon it will be close to what you describe............ but with a pub next door and a barmaid with big tits of course

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    Nice write up Hummel.
    Atb John.

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    Theres always someone who lowers the tone .
    Atb John.

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    Your dedication to fox control is to be admired!!

    Sounds like you might benefit from some NV.


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    Braw doo been years since I have laid out all nite, brought back some fond memories, tho not as remote as you!


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    He will remember his night with you, and hopefully tell his son the story, some day! Respect!

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