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    Hi There

    I'm Laurie Holland, a target shooter and gun writer. While I don't do any deerstalking personally, I'm interested in every aspect of the sport, so thought I'd join. Having spent 20 years doing load development for what is probably now running to 30 + Cartridges and writing about this for 13 years, I'd say I know a little about this subject and may be able to contribute a bit.

    I live near York, am semi-retired and shoot F Class (F/TR Div) and Bench Rest, up to 1,000yd range in both disciplines, at national level.

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    Welcome aboard.

    Best regards JCS

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    Welcome to the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome Laurie.
    Maybe we can get you interested in shooting at something other than paper?
    Your expertise will be most welcome too.


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    Good to have you hereLaurie.



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    Welcome Laurie good to have someone with your background on forum, im going to do a bit of F/TR this year at Diggle i hope, was going up this weekend gone to see Dave Riley as f/tr was on saturday but her who is to be obayed spoke so didnt make it just got a remmy 700 SPS for dear and target but like a lot of people dont no enough so rely on peoples help and on here help and advice is plentyfull. Look forward to the rest of your articles on the remmy in target shooter very interesting.

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    Welcome to the site Mr Holland, look forward to your knowledge and input in all things on the cartridge and reloading front.

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