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Thread: sako/sauer

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    TIKKA TIKKA 695 s/s built to last and takes what ever the weather has to offer,my mate has a 202 outback??? very light and fragile i'll stick with the TIKKA

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    I'm with Amberdog when it comes to Tikka's but.

    I do love the look of the 202 if i was in the market for a nice looking traditional stalking rifle that i wasn't going to moderate then i'd deffo look at the 202.
    if i was loking for a super accurate rifle good to go straight from the box not bothered about weight i'd buy the Sako (or maybe the 202 wolverine)

    just my opinion, i've never owned either, i just got as far as Tikka and never needed anything more.


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    Both good tools.

    I think the 202 is more money, but fragile???? Never broken one, never met anyone who has. Aeroplanes, rally cars, superbikes,,,,,,,,,,,,, are light, does it make them fragile?

    Won't be drawn into knocking the Tika, several stalkers I know have them, good no nonsence rifles.

    Enjoy the choosing process, but don't be put off either, just choose the one you like the feel of and be happy.


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    OK, in my cabinet there are both a Sako 75 & Sauer 202.

    The Sako was my first .243, i loved it..... i still love it BUT......since buying the Sauer (.308) i have come to understand some of the downside to the sako......

    The Sauer is indeed lighter, i have a Jet-z fitted, its synthetic, it feels more moudable into the shoulder, i feel its better balanced but the "workmanship" is same as the Sako.

    The Sako these days spends more time locked away than the Sauer, but like anything opinions vary and so they should........

    I am considering selling the Sako to a loving home that will use it more than i do........pass the word.

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    thanks ,im looking to get something at the midland this weekend,the tikka is in the back of my mine,but like you say the sauer does look good.

    will be like a kid in a sweet shop come saturday

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    Hi all,
    I have just exchanged a Sako 75 for a Sauer 202 Outback in .308 . The trigger is nicer, looks are nicer , and the barrel is modular so may eventually get a .243 barrel for it also. The Sako would not shoot well at all at 300yds , all over the place. Everone said it should be fine at this range so I was surprised with the HUGE groups. Maybe cos the barrel was only 20" long ???? The Sauer action is also smoother, but it is really down to personal choice at this level. Happy shopping!

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    The Sauer is nicer to own but it wont kill the deer any better than a Tikka.


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    Certain aspects of the Sauer 202 design are not to every one's taste, but once you get used to the safety in particular, the virtues become obvious. I have one, I love it.

    I am certainly not going to try and tell you a Sako is a bad rifle - they are very good. But, I think Sauer are a better made rifle - they are built to a high standard and priced accordingly, they are not built to meet a price point.

    If you want a synthetic rifle which is pre-threaded, look seriously at the Sauer 202 CX with the alloy receiver with moulded in Weaver bases. This is a really excellent design.

    I would not discuss Sauer and Tikka on the same page.

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    Sako all the way

    the 202 is very expensive to rebarrel and only has a 3 shot mag

    Ask my friend who has just found out a new Howa is cheaper than a replacement 202 barrel.

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