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Thread: best powder for243 v max combo!

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    best powder for243 v max combo!

    Hi all i have just tested a load i made of 75gr v max with varget powder between 38gr to 41gr which is the max load! the problem is the case is only half full! and the groups i am getting are the same between the two weights! now is there or do you use a different powder that will fill the case or their abouts?

    Cheers stu..

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    I like aa 2520 or h414 . both gave me good results

    Atb Steve

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    thanks steve, how "full" is the case with the aa ? as the varget only just half fills it so it wont be an instant burn from the primmer for me thats why i need a more dense powder

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    I use N140 for 70gr Noslers
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    I use 46grns of H414, CCI magnum primers and 70grn Ballistic tips seated between 1965 & 2233 on the ogee depending on which rifle. This load has worked very well in the 3 .243's I've had/got and at least 4 other rifles I know of. So I think that covers a Sako, 2 Tikkas, RWS, 2 Blasers (Sporter and Match) and a Ruger


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    looking at all the other loading sites it looks like h414 is the way ahead! so will give this bunny a try! thanks all. stu

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    imr 4007ssc would be worth a try. i use it in my 22/250 it give's great fps speed,accuracy and great case fill

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    Can't find my load data for the 75 they were an experiment. I settled on 70g nosler bts with 44 grains of h414

    Atb Steve

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    I use 75Grn V-Max with 37.0Grn of Varget.

    Seems to work for me.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    hi gary what rifle is this used with? thanks stu

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