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Thread: EKA Swingblade

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    EKA Swingblade

    Finally bit the bullet and bought myself an eka swingblade (in bright orange so I dont lose it!)

    Ordered it Friday afternoon from blade tech and it arrived Saturday morning great service and a great price (59 delivered).

    It seems a pretty decent bit of kit, it's sharp, has a good sheath with it that clips to the belt and it is lightweight for carrying about. Blade is not to long either at just under 10cm.

    Without wanting to sound too daft, I take it a curved blade can be sharpened in exactly the same way as a straight blade without damaging it in any way?

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    Brought mine just before an African Trip, packed safely in my boots for security but when I rearranged my baggage I ended with the boots in my back pack at boarding control, the armed police were very pleasant – and found the whole episode amusing

    PH in Africa liked it, it went through the sternum of several species, he even abused the gralloching blade for this task. Knife handled this and a touch on a steel and it was as good as new. Bucks and Gerbers have very poor steel in comparison, if I can fault it I might prefer a thinker main blade.

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