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Thread: new family members

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    new family members

    Hi there lads just a few pics of the new red calfs at work.
    this is one of the calfs about hr or so old that i stumbled across when looking round to make shore everyone was ok lol.
    Attachment 7525Attachment 7524
    these pics are after a few days just come down with mum to feed.

    Attachment 7529Attachment 7528Attachment 7523Attachment 7526Attachment 7527

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    great to see them . saw my first calves of the year last sunday travelling through braemar, playing about like lambs brillant to watch

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    The money your on you should get a better camera

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    i wish i had money for a good camera more so for when im out and about

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    ..kinda makes you feel bad shooting them LOL..

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    So much for "she is just about to give birth"

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    hi straightliner
    this is just the pics i could get when i was walking round we did have calfs before these pictures we have 5 calfs at the min still have one to pop lol


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