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Thread: 3 yr old GSP for sale.

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    3 yr old GSP for sale.

    Due to a sudden change in personal circumstances, a friend of mine is having to give up full time deer management and take a job away from home - it looks like this is going to be a long-term situation and he will be unable to hang onto his dogs.

    As a result, he needs to sell his stalking dog, a 3 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer. He's properly trained, will work very well when stalking off the lead and is experienced at follow up. No known faults other than the usual pathological dislike of cats. He's not KC registered (matters to some and not to others) but is a pure GSP.

    The owner is looking for 300 - there's probably a good chance to see the dog working if you are genuinely interested. Time-wasters are likely to be given short shrift as my buddy doesn't suffer fools gladly!

    Drop me a PM if you are interested and I'll pass on his mobile number.



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