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Thread: munjac still in velvet

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    munjac still in velvet

    Went out this weekend looking for a muntjac friday evening with a mate he got a nice buck from a highseat then went out saturday morning with another mate and he shot a huge buck alas this time of year they still in velvet for his first muntjac he was really made up seem to be a good number of munties about using rape for cover first munjac was feeding with a group of fallow hoping they would look out for him but this time we was to clever seen another 2 good bucks will leave them until hard antler cheers atom
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    Well done mate. A cracking pair of munts there, just a shame they weren't in hard antler like you said because the top one looks real brute.

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    Hi cam i reckon the top one could have made a medal he weighed 32lb grollached but we was looking for munties and he was the one we found cheers the atom

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    32 lb gralloched, bigger than alot of the roe I shoot !

    Well done Atom.

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    Two lovely muntys atom you say you have left a couple of bucks for later surely the good buck would have been better left ? Is it on sight or do you manage ? REGARDS TWATEM

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    I manage to shoot on sight twatem , you have been a few times that ground seems to get better you had a munty buck a fallow buck you also saw a couple of roe i like to look after my mates hope you look after me on friday your turn for breakfast after i shoot that big buck

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