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Thread: Vixen and Cub

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    Vixen and Cub

    Took this image the other evening whilst trying to get stock pictures of foxes.

    These 2 came towards me at a rate of knots, and stopped to close, I couldn't move backwards and I wasn't using a zoom lens, looking thorugh the view finder I couldn't recompose the image quick enough to avoid copping the ear off, I'm pleased with it, but not a happy bunny because of the missing ear!!

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    Hello Brian and cracking photo,cheers Lee

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    A little bit of photoshop maybe

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    Nice one Brian..

    Thats an awesome photo

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Cracking picture , i had the same chance of a good pic last week - vixen and two cubs........yep , i had left the camera in the jeep !

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    Dont worry Brian, IMHO the picture is a stunner just as it is. Great shot!!


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    Great photo, the foxes can give us a lot of trouble, but they also are great to see.
    Some people say the only good fox is a dead one but I do like to watch them when they are not causing any trouble. thanks again for a great photo.

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    great photo that!!!


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