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Thread: How to make a doe box out of two 1000lt plastic containers.

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    How to make a doe box out of two 1000lt plastic containers.

    I said I would do a step by step guide on how to make a doe box from a 1000lt plastic IBC container. So here goes.

    The first thing I do remove the plastic container from its metal cage, a cordless drill is a aid with getting this done quickly.

    I keep all the self tapping bolts and screws these will be used latter.

    The plastic cuts easily with a wood saw, I use a circler saw and a jig saw. I make what would be the bottom of the container the top of the box, I leave about 3” round the top for a rail to lean your rifle on, the tap that would normally allow you to drain the fluid from the container is cut out and this side of the container become the back of the doe box. I make the access hole in the back 2 feet wide.

    What was the top with the big screw cap filler is now the bottom I cut out the filler cap and leave about 6” round the edge.

    Next the second container is cut in half; the two sides make two roofs for two boxes. I then cut a 2 pieces of wood about 4”X X 8” but you can use what you might have about old pallet wood etc. The roof is screwed to the base with a couple of the self tapping screws you saved from stripping the container down, You will need some “6mm/1/4 penny washers” you can buy these off e-bay. The wood goes on the back to spread the load.

    You can now cut the roof to match the access door in the base.

    I then cut another 2 pieces of wood about 4”X X 2ft these using more of the saved screws are utilized to fasten the base to a pallet for a floor for the box.

    I reused the plastic feet and screwed these to the metal cage, this should stop the metal corroding which would happen if it was placed just on the ground.

    I used the plastic pallet that the IBC came on for the floor, in this case this was screwed to the top of the metal cage using more saved screws.

    Once the box is on the top of the cage it gives you a bit of hight, you will have 3 cages so you can make one box on the floor and a second 12ft high by bolting 3 cages together or have one 4ft of the ground and one 8ft.

    A coat of paint to finish and make it blend in, you now have a maintenance free high seat or doe box, I usually put a swivel computer chair in mine.


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    Thats fantastic. Hope your ready for all the questions. Can i start with one. Where and how much are the tanks. Ok i know thats two questions

    Regards pj

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    Does it not get very hot in there?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Open front and back probably not, I've got some lying around the estate, would be ideal in a couple of places in some bushy scrub-land I've got. deerwarden.

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    What a super idea! I want some of these! Although the plastic will act like a drum and be noisy if you knock it. It might be an idea to line a couple of strategic areas inside with carpet or van liner to make it quieter.


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    Really fantastic idea think I'm gonna give it a go especially when I've just sprayed out two last week!

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