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Thread: New addition to the family...

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    New addition to the family...

    Evening All,

    Just thought I'd do a quick post because I feel I want to show off a little! This gorgeous little beauty is the new addition to my family.

    She is a bavarian mountain hound that I am buying from Poland. Since I live in Germany it seemed the perfect opportunity to buy a Polish or German dog. She was born on Friday 17 June so really looking forward to August to bring her home!

    I've already got mostly everything sorted now like a stockpile of blood, cleaves, liver/lungs and all the regular dog stuff so we just need her now!!!

    Random post but thought some of you may be interested! Once she's with me I'll be posting her progress!

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    She is the niece to one of our BGS!

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    Which breeder did you get her from? Mine is from Czerwony Trop

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    I really like the look of these dogs.

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    Well your in for a treat mate mine was out this morning with an Guest and he hit a perfect sholder lung shot. The deer ran about 40 mtrs and disapeard. Well when we got to the site the grass was waist hight. But the wee bitch of mine cut up the banking with a little whipper and she had found itcurled up in a divet. Happy days. I hope you have as much fun with yours.

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