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Thread: Licensing seems to be sorted in NI

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    Licensing seems to be sorted in NI

    Historically, firearms licensing here in NI has been a disaster, 6-8 months for a variation or renewal was the norm, things have improved remarkably over the past year.

    I have had a couple of variations done this year, a one-on/one-off on a 22/250 took about 10 days and an additional 17hmr took about three weeks.

    Last Wednesday I posted in a variation to swap the hmr for another hmr. Got it back in the post this AM. That is a 24 hr turnaround guys, posted in on Wednesday, recevied on Thursday, processed and posted back out on Friday.

    As a general observation, if the will is there, there is no reason why the public sector cannot get their **** together and be efficient.

    Nice change, for a change....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I'd heard that it was much, much faster now Brian and to be fair I think that BASC should get some credit as they seem to have been working hard at moving things along in that respect.

    I've been frightened to change anything on my FAC as I travel with the rifle a few times in the year and there was, in the past, no way they'd turn things around in less than a very long time indeed, reports of 2 year waits were not uncommon and as you say it is amazing how they can, if it suits them, bring things down from months and years to days.

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    lucky you, posted mine back in nov, got it back at xmas wrong. sent my fac away again first week in January, have had only one of three ground checks carried out and that was 5 weeks ago and nothing herd since, as the ground is in different police districts and have to wait for them to sort out sending the info between themselves. or so they say
    that said, for many its alot better than it was even a few years ago.

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    Its much faster now only done dsc1 and FAC back already .Couldnt believe it when it came through the door today.
    So of to lift my reming 700 tomorrow.

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