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Thread: Ridgeline Monsoon 11 Stalking Smocks

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    Ridgeline Monsoon 11 Stalking Smocks

    Here's the deal: I have just taken delivery of 2 brand new Ridgeline Monsoon 11 smocks ( khaki colour) direct from New Zealand. These are sized Xl and I think they may be a little too big for my mates. I have kept a Large size for myself.

    These are the very latest model Monsoon 11 and this size is not available anywhere in the UK. Unfortunately, I had to pay a hefty slug of duty and Vat on these ( an unexpected extra 125 !), so I am in for 164 each smock. Just want to recover my costs and will therefore post to you in UK for 164, payable cheque or paypal.

    Let me know if anyone is interested in these and if my mates say no, then they are yours. I have 2 smocks sized XL.

    Also, I may have a new Swanndri Mossgiel bush shirt in a few days, green with full zip front and hood. Size large. Just ordered for myself but I am now going to use the Ridgeline Monsoon. Any one interested at 95 posted to UK address ? Let me know.

    I have also put the word out locally so first come first served on these.

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    Any pics ?

    Atb Steve

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    These smocks are the Monsoon 2 version which have been apparently uprated in terms of hood and cuff design . Only thing is no one in UK has this latest version and in the old style they do not have XL or L sizes,they only have really big sizes. This is where I imported them from, with an extra 15 shipping and 40 duty on each one !

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    thanks. just to clarify, the XL smocks fit 44-46 inch chest.

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    Many thanks to all interested parties, all smocks are now sold.

    Swanndri mossgiel also sold pending usual.

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