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Thread: Assorted Brass and Bullets

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    Assorted Brass and Bullets

    Unfortunately my oldest stalking partner and one of my greatest friends lost his fight against cancer recently. I have been asked by his wife to help sort out all of his shooting equipment, as she just cannot face doing this.

    I have a large pile of stuff which i have started to go through and will list as i get time, It's quite amazing how much stuff one person can accumulate in their lifetime and you never think of the people who will have to sort it out once you are gone.

    the first lot is all the new and used brass i could find, and also any bullets i came across.

    75 x Ruag .338 Lapua Brass 65 Posted

    108 x Remington 7mm Rem Mag brass New SOLD

    35 x Federal 7mm Rem Mag brass once fired 15 Posted

    14 x RWS 9.3x74R Brass once fired 10 Posted

    43 x Hornady .270 win brass once fired SOLD

    100 x Remington .17 Rem Nickel cases New 30 Posted

    70 x Remington .220 Swift once fired brass 25 Posted

    14 x Remington 25-06 Brass Fired 5 Posted

    Lee 220 Swift deluxe 3 Die set + Shellholder 20 Posted

    50 x .257 85gr Nosler Ballistic tip SOLD

    50 x .257 75gr Hornady V-Max SOLD

    57 x .277 Speer 100gr Hollow Point SOLD

    40 x .277 Speer 90gr TNT Hollow Point SOLD

    31 x 7mm 120gr Nosler Ballistic Tip 10

    51 x .224 50gr Nosler Ballistic Tip SOLD

    16 x .308 Hornady 150gr FMJ 3

    100 x .224 Winchester 55gr Pointed Soft Point 10/bag many bags available

    500 x .357 Frontier 158gr CMJ FP 60

    349 x Howitzer Products .357 TMJ 125gr 35

    Prices are negotiable, but i'm not going to give it away either, payment is via cheque cash or Paypal. Non-expanding items may be sent through the post, all others must either be collected with correct entitlements or sent to an RFD.

    Please PM with any questions and i will do my best to answer
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    Sad news and fair play to you for helping out.

    If you come across any .222 brass I would be interested.

    Cheers + ATVB


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    If you don't sell the 17 rem cases pm me but only if they go unsold as I don't really need them but will buy if no other interest


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