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Thread: Ticks again

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    Ticks again

    Had a phone call at work today from a very irate wife who I had insisted go to the doctor for the red rash on her leg .
    Doctor has said Lymes Disease .

    To keep the peace she suggested that I fumigate the landcruiser so any idea what to use chaps.

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    Lyme Disease

    Get some household flea spray from your vet. Hoover the car first. It will make no difference as they live in long grass but the product would be effective if they were there.

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    A squirt of fly spray and close the doors/windows for an hour or two would do it.

    Picked these little fellas off myself on Friday morning, one behind each knee

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good luck with the Lymes - hope your wife has caught it early. She will be feeling awful, and that is just the antibiotics so take good care of her.

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    If she must go outside frontline her

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    Thanks for the info , I reckon she got the tick from inside the vehicle , I carry beast and rabbits etc in a boot liner tray so that and gaiters are in the vehicle ,
    A good call on the frontline it wasnt quite the words she quoted to me though ,
    The antibiotics are 1500mg a day for 28 days so she will rattle if nothing else .


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    Ticks are quite hardy so fly spray may not all ways do it if its from a can. The droplets are to big to get into all the nooks and cranies of seats and furnishings in a car. Being a pest controller I would reccomend getting a smoke bomb the type used in green houses should do the trick. Just vent well after use and get some car freashner!

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    I am told that the only flyspray that kills them is the one called RAID.

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    I've got a can of Raid "Ant and Cockroach Killer" and I know for a fact that kills them because I put the heads in a clear plastic bag, add a quick spray of this stuff and seal the bag. The next morning the bottom of the bag will be covered in dead ticks, tick nymphs, keds, mites etc!

    It kills them without doubt, but as Mark said above, the key thing is dispersal.

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    Thanks very much everybody I will get something sorted this weekend when I can get to town, The antibiotics are working well and the bulls eye markings are reducing daily,


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