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Thread: Zeiss Ballistic Turrets - Tape system

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    Zeiss Ballistic Turrets - Tape system


    I'm thinking of a Zeiss scope for my new rifle (Sako 85 SS in 7mm RM). I've had a look at the Zeiss Victory Varipoints. I understand that these can be fitted with Zeiss' version of a ballistic turret.

    I've had a look at the Kahles and Swaro ballistic turrets and I understand how these work. You zero the rifle at, say, 100 yrds and then rezero it at, say 150. When the rifle is on at 150 you add a disc to the turret. This process is repeated for all three discs. Once that's done you rotate the turret to the marker that indicates the distance you want and off you go .

    My understanding (and I may have this wrong) is that the Zeiss system works a bit differently. If I've understood it correctly, the premise of the system is that all combinations of cartridge, bullet weight, charge etc. produce a trajectory which falls into one of about five or six "standard" trajectories. These standard trajectories are worked up into foil tapes, which fit onto the ballistic turret.

    Once you know which of the tapes best corresponds to the trajectory of your choice of cartridge, bullet weight etc. you zero the rifle at 100 metres and stick the correct tape on the ballistic turret. My understanding is that you can then dial in the distance to the target quite accurately as the tape has quite small increments.

    I've struggled to find a good review of the system on't t'inteweb and I though that one of us may have some knowledge. I'd be grateful for any information on whether I've interepreted the system correctly. Also, if anyone has one, how do you get on with it and does it work ?

    I don't have sufficient experience to form a view on whether all cartridge, bullet eight and powder combos can be summarised into five or six standard trajectories. However, I do know that the people at Zeiss know what they're doing and will have thought it through in ways too complicated for me to imagine !!!

    I'd be very grateful for any advice.



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    The zeiss system works the way you described.
    Kenton Industries will make you a custom turret if your scope has target turrets.
    I have a couple and they work great.
    Only problem is they no longer export but if you have a friend in the US they will send it to them then
    they can send it to you.

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    You have it correct matey.
    I have tried mine out to 225m on deer and 369 on foxes.
    Also tried it out to 400m's on targets.(balloons).
    I have the turret scopes (bdc) on my 22250, 6.5x55 and 7mm rem mag.
    The correct foil is there apart from the very flattest shooter (i.e.40gr 22250 etc).
    You do also of course need a range finder for it to work well.

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    You could get a Precision Hunter Schmidt and Bender scope, these come with an elevation and windage turret, albiet a relatively restricted turret but for normal stalking distances it should be fine. The alternative to that is the PM2 Schmidt and Bender which will give you more trajectory if required.

    As an indication, a 22-250, 55gr with a PM2 will dial in to 800m on my single turn turret, based on a 100m zero.

    My .270, 130gr with my PM2 will dial in to 1100m based on a 100m zero

    The Swarovski range of TDS Reticules is meant to be very accurate, Offroad Gary uses it to great success.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Thanks for your help with this. I think I will give one a try.



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