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Thread: Will a Sako 75 .308 bolt be the same as a sako 75 .243????

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    Will a Sako 75 .308 bolt be the same as a sako 75 .243????

    Hello all, l hope you can help me. I lost my bolt a few weeks back out of my .243 as most of you's have prob read. I am having a nightmare trying to replace it, without the extent of sending it back to sako which is gonna be costly and time consuming- l may have no choice- however. I have found a sako 75 bolt for sale for a .308, and am wondering if it will be the same- lve been assured that the head space is the same, as is the action, l just need to wheather the locating lugs- and the sears (not sure what that is) are identical, or can be modified by a gunsmith with not too much hassle.
    So can l ask if anyone has a sako 75 in both .243 and .308 if they can compare bolts- or even try them for fitting- not forgetting to take them straight out afterwards?
    Mine is a 75 hunter with heavy walled barrel if that makes any difference at all.
    Please let me know your findings.
    Regards, Chris.

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    It sounds like it should fit but don't just stick it in and fire a round! Whenever a bolt is changed, the rifle's headspace should be properly checked using SAAMI specification calibre specific headspace gauges. A good riflesmith will do that for you. (Not all RFD's are up to this!- Very few actually have the gauges) It may cost a bit but better be safe than sorry.
    Good luck

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    The 308 bolt will be identical to the 243 bolt. However, as stated, you need to check headspace. This can easily be done with a set of "go/no-go" gauges from midway, should cost a fiver. The headspace should be fine, but still needs verified.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Go / No Go guages from midway are circa 35 each.

    The 243 Win and 308 Win have the same headspace dimensions (as does 260 Rem and 7mm-08)

    No two rifles are exactly the same.

    Ive taken apart several Sako 75's, Tikka 595, 695, T3 et al for rebarrelling and they ALL have different headspace dimensions and barrel tenon lengths.....

    At the minimum - if the bolt fits, you may need the chamber "setting back" (the barrel tenon elongating then machining to length) then the chamber re machining to correct headspace.....

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    How do Mauser, Blaser, Sauer etc. Breakdown rifles manage when the same bolt and head feed .243 up to 9mm bullets, not just cartridge?


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    Tighter machining tolerances.......

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    The same magazine and bolt feed anything from a "short bullet to a long bullet".

    Machine tolerance? Just trying to understand why multi barrel rifles can share a bolt but single barrel rifles can't.


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    Next level up is a custom rifle.

    The Sako 75 bolts may indeed be able to be swapped bettween rifles, most Sakos ive seen have had .015" bettween end of bolt and rear of barrel (thats alot, I do mine with .005" clearance)

    That means theres .010" of case head unsupported - doesnt sound much, but if your looking at stretching the best out of a rifle you want minimum clearances.

    Headspace - you want 0 or as close to as possible - the difference bettween go and No Go is circa .004"

    Not alot at all.

    If the replacement bolt is worn or well used, this could easily put the rifle out of or over toleance for headspace.

    only way to see is buy go / no go guage and use with replacement bolt.

    Where are you in country?

    Probably best to go to a riflesmith with guages and have it checked ,,,,,rather than do yourself.

    Unless you know what your doing - apologies not meant to wind anyone up.

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    Yes thank you lads, l agree safety is paramount here- l am willing to take it to a rifle smith to have it checked, l am in north east england so l think border barrels could be my closest riflesmith here.
    Thanks for advice, regards , chris.

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    When I had to buy a new bolt for my 595 Tikka, I had the head space checked it was found to be with in SAMMI no problems.



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