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Thread: Winchester Stainless Synthetic .22/250

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    Winchester Stainless Synthetic .22/250

    Winchester 'Classic Stainless' Model 70 .22/250 with synthetic stock, which is unmarked.
    The whole outfit is pretty much as new, apart from the fact that the standard weight barrel has been shortened to 20 1/2" and recrowned. It has been threaded 1/2"x 20 UNF and re-proofed. It has fired less than 20 shots. I bought it to help a friend who needed the cash, but have decided that I don't really need the rifle.
    It comes with steel bases and 1" rings which are suitable for up to a 50mm objective.

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    Got any pics?

    Any chance of a mod with it?

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    İ can send photos but can't post them here. PM me an e mail address.
    İ know where İ could get a stainless PES muzzle can but have no dedicated moderator for this rifle.

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    Nothing heard from the above.
    Still for sale. Any offers?

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    hi there where about are you based,any pics
    many thanks

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    İ'm in Derbyshire but could send to an RFD.
    İ can send photos, but it looks just like an unmarked Winchester Model 70 classic stainless!

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    good rifles these Winchester's. if you want me to put the pics up for you mate just send me a email of them atb Jamie

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