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Thread: Thanks to Jelen deer services.

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    Thanks to Jelen deer services.

    Hi all,
    I am not much of a regular poster on here but thought that this would be well worth a post.

    I have just finished my college work placement with Jelen deer services and would like to thank the team for being so helpful to me and giving me so many opportunities. All in all I have learnt the most anyone could hope to learn about deer and deer management in such a short period of time possible, and have had an awesome time in the process working with a highly professional team, all of whom were highly knowledgeable and capable. I have even managed to experience live capture of deer and transportation something, I never thought I would experience. I am very grateful for the opportunities given to me and I hope I have been useful to the company.

    Many Thanks again to the team, Mike, Dave, the Simon's, Donovan, Robie and everyone else who helped me out during placement. And especially Dave's lovely wife Karen who kindly put me up at their home.

    Cheers, jacob

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    Hi Jacob,

    Sounds like you a had a cracking time down there with the boys.

    It was good to meet you at the weekend, I wish you all the best with the future and if your down in soggy old Winchester again give me a tinkle and I'll get myself over for a beer.

    All the best,


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    well done Jacob, i bet that last 10 week just flew by.
    I hope all the information you have gain will last you a life time unlike your land Rover!!!
    Give me a ring the next time your down we will go for a beer.

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    Hey Jacob
    Sorry we didn't get to catch up before you left. If you ever down here again give me a shout.

    Good shooting


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    thanks guys,
    i hope it will not be to long before i come back down for a beer or 2

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