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    My names Dave from New Zealand. Just interested to see what hunting is like in the UK.
    I have been hunting in NZ since the late 1970s for red and sika deer. Shot a few Chamois and a few Tahr as well. Very different here as no game managemnt on public land and open season all year round and you can shoot as much as you want - in fact they want you to.
    Own my own forestry business and have access to a lot of land with animals - just lack time as working to hard - hopefully change this in a few years time.

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    Welcome to the site, we have a few members from NZ.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Dave.
    Where abouts in NZ are you ? In the North Island I guess if you have sika .
    I travel down to southland each year shearing in November . I usally bring my .308 with me if you want a companion for a hunting trip . I would be keen to get a tar, I managed to shoot a 10 inch chammy buck a few years back on the West coast.

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    Welcome to the site Logman

    Had a couple of trips to NZ, as you might guess from my forum name.



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    Hi Logman,
    Welcolme to SD watched an old film made in i think the 60s called NZ deer wars, facinating, i was heavily involved in hele work with extracting red deer a few years ago. The health and safety was incredible and it caused questions in the house ha ha, cheers

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    Welcome to the forum mate

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