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Thread: All those lucky people who've passed DSC1

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    All those lucky people who've passed DSC1

    Finally decided that i've gota get my finger out an join your ranks. Do you have an up to date copy of the DSC1 manual you'd like to convert to cash ? If so plse pm me with cost posted.



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    If you do your DSC 1 with BASC the manual is included in the registration fee - no hidden costs

    For further details of a course near you

    Many thanks, Peter

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    go thro the BDS they are very easy going

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    "Lucky"? I think you mean knowledgeable and skillful....

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    Shop around for your DSC L1. You can save a lot of money.

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    paul lane rifle club huddersfield 245 quid, but there could be 1 closer that would cost more but you would save money on fuel. stav

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit Country View Post
    "Lucky"? I think you mean knowledgeable and skillful....
    Ah, can see how it could be misconstrued. What I mean't was lucky in the "lucky it's over and done with sense" and not "jammy to have scrapped through and passed" sense.

    Though I have to say looking through some of the questions - i fail to see their relevance to making you a better, more efficient, safer, stalker. But i have my doubts about the usefulness of the DSC1 as a whole anyway. I'm only doing it to access more land ( or even some land ). It's a bit like the British Standards etc, if the clients didnt know you could do the job properly they wouldnt employ you to do it. But because some firms have them everyone has to have them and it makes jobs for the boys and money for the auditors, They've got you by the balls ! And where they lead we have to follow. Just my opinion and i'm sure many will disagree


    But thanks to all for their advice

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    Jelen have quite a swizzy set up on their website (Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence) with interactive mock tests etc. that may be as good a bet as a manual (and easier on the eyes) for getting through the written parts of the test. You can subscribe for a month and use it as much as you need - I found it useful. You could also purchase their CD of the course material - there's often an auction on Fleabay for it.


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    I used - all you need to know 25 for 3 months access or 20 if you are a BASC member

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    The Jelen guys are v good - I've been stalking with them.

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