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Thread: Danie van Ellewee

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    Danie van Ellewee

    I am the owner of Into Africa Hunting Adventures based in Namibia. I specialize in Plains Game and Leopard Hunting. We try and hunt in free range areas as far as possible. If I can create the ambiance of the African Safari with my client, I see it as a successful safari.

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    Hi Dani,

    long time no see have you seen Dick Lapinski lately? Hope someday to catch up with you.


    Sikamalc (Malcolm)

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    Dear Malcolm, the last Leopard I offered in my company was in 2009. With the moratorium on Leopard and Cheetah introduced in early February 2010 and considering the new criteria which under the hunts had to be conducted when reopened, I realized that we where going to disappoint many clients. The new rules for hunting Leopard is completely unrealistic and will, and has caused the success rate down to where it use to be in Namibia before we started to hunt Leopard with hounds intensively.
    We are trying to convince the authorities to reopen hound hunting in Namibia again but still have a huge mountain to climb.
    The last hunts we sold were for US$ 23000.00 for 12 hunting days. At that stage we where running on a 95% success rate harvesting super Cats ONLY.
    Be very careful now for Leopard Hunts in Namibia or shall I say this, you will get a good Leopard hunt but am not to sure if you are going to pull the trigger.
    Be patient and lets hope it comes right with the hounds.

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    Hi Danie,

    Welcome on board

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