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Thread: Roe skin needed...

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    Roe skin needed...

    I have an eight week female BMH coming to me from Poland in August and I've almost finished all my prep regards collected blood, cleaves etc. The only think I'm missing is a roe skin...

    I intend to use it to make a deer dummy for chase training and predator training later on down the line. Unfortunately I don't have access to a roe skin at the moment because I am unable to shoot.

    Will anyone or does anyone have access to one that I can buy off them that I can stick in my freezer? Even if you don't but you know where I could get one from that would be great. I'm already using various professional stalkers for blood etc but can't get a skin.


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    Have one, where are you based? If to far as a local shooter to skin one for you.

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    I'm living in Portsmouth at the moment but my house is in Halifax, W Yorkshire, either of those anywhere near?

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    I am near Sherrborne in Dorset. Send me a private message (I do noy yet know how to do that) and I'll give you further details.

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    I work in Elland sent you a PM with more details.



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