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Thread: Obituary: John Kingsley-Heath

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    Obituary: John Kingsley-Heath

    Did anyone catch the obituary of John Kingsley-Heath in Saturday's Daily Telegraph? What a fascinating chap - I think it's fair to say we won't see his like any more:

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    yes most interesting 2 broken arms both at the same time by a lion then it bit his ankle, shot dead the lion still had his ankle in its mouth ,they had to blow its jaws apart to remove it , he deserved his medal ,its a wonder he made 84 amazing

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    He was quite an interesting chap. Just a tiny bit bonkers but there you go.


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    I can recomend his book "HUNTING THE DANGEROUS GAME OF AFRICA" it's packed with all sorts of information on all the big five plus a lot more, published by Sycamore Island Books P.O.Box 1307 Boulder , Colerado 80306.

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    Fascinating read Dom.

    I bet he had a few tales to tell around a camp fire after a long day in the bush.

    Catch up soon mate


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    Thanks for that, a bit of a boy.

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    Had the fortune to meet with him sometime back when he brought out his book. Taking him round the museum I curate was a pleasure. One of the last of the true old style Ph's of Africa. I am sorry to hear of his passing.


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    Wow, some of these old boys certainly lived on the edge. Mind you, might not have been quite as crackers as Cronje Willmot by the sounds of it, but a close run thing!

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    Yes, Cronje Wilmot, for a beer on a bet, stuck a postage stamp on an elephants backside!


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    Good read that will have to get a copy of his book for the dark nights now the days are drawing in!


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