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Thread: Stones dog day photos

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    Stones dog day photos

    Ok Lets see if this works
    Had enough now sorry about the pants posting, hopefully these will work if not

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    It works!

    Is that you and your brothers

    I'd add, if i put 6 photos of me up here it would blow up someone's monitor screen.

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    ballsed it up!! back to the drawing board

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    No, it's there, just more than once. The source code is :

    but it in 6 times.

    Just edit the last ones out. Unless you had 6 diff pics in which case edit pic titles to right ones.

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    nice going Roy
    you will get it sorted soon by the looks of it
    shall wait with intent till you do
    it was a pleasure to meet you and glad you enjoyed it as much as i and the others
    keep trying as it will happen

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    how you getting on with the photos ,trapper
    any closer to sorting them yet

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    Think I can handle this now will cut the waffle and send belated piccys , you all know who you are.
    Regards Trapper.

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    Well done trapper, I took a camera along, never took a single photo .

    But who's the fat B*****d up the high seat


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    great photos mate next time can you get a better angel of my dad that one makes him look fat.

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