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Thread: varberger rifles

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    varberger rifles

    dose anyone know anything about these rifles ive googled them and they seem to be a good rifle i have been offered one cheap in 308

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    Do a search on this site and you will find that the subject has been discussed at length previously. You could also look at Lakelander rifles and Norma rifles on Google as both names have also been used for rifles all from the same Swedish factory. I believe the company went belly up for the second time three or four years ago.

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    I have a .270 Varberger which has had the stock cut [customised] to a classic English style. I have always found it to be very accurate & the design & workmanship appear very good.
    I believe that there was nothing wrong with the product but that the companies failures were the result of various financial shenanagins taking place - or so I have read. If so it's a shame as I like the internal rotary magazine [4 rounds + 1 up the spout if inserted manually whilst depressing the top round in the mag when sliding the bolt forward] as it can't come loose & be lost like a box mag, nor can a bottom catch be caught & eject all the rounds whilst climbing into a tricky high seat like a floorplate mag; although I realise these may not be everyone's cup of tea.

    Regards, Tyke.

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    A friend has had one in 6.5x55 for a few years, and loves it. There was an article on them in Shooting Times within the past 12-18 months.

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    All of Varbergers stock was bought by He can make one up from the stock he holds. The Varberger rifles still make good money here.

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    I collected a s/h Varberger in 6.5x55 from Norman Clark today. First impressions are very good; well made and shoots nice type groups. A shame that they are no longer manufactured, as there aren't many rifles of similar quality available in that price range.

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    Chris Potters in Kent have a used 7x64 one.

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    ive got one held on rfd i payed 500 for the rifle a 30mm 3-12x50 meopta and a t8

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    Sounds like you've got a bargain there - must have cost +2000 new.

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