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Thread: does only being seen

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    does only being seen

    as still fairly new to this type of ground ie comercial forestry i am only seeing does on ground in 3 trips out in mornings and 1 in evening times is this normal or have all bucks been taken out only one other stalker on ground but it is shot either side of forest it is large bit of ground and is live at moment ie taking about 300 acres off at moment
    cheers webby

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    Hi mate, I had the same problem a few weeks back. I was seeing loads of does but no bucks................make a mental map of where your seeing the does and you can be sure the bucks will start to show themselves soon enough close by. Not long to the rutt now and they will be moving around much more. I'v been out quite a bit of late and seeing yearlings turning up in places i'v never seen beasts before, prob being forced out of the areas being held by older bucks.

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    cheers for that cadex was getting paranoid that was on ground that was empty of bucks lol

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    It's about normal for this time of year. Bucks have no need to leave cover for food as the Woods are full of it at this time of year. More importantly though, they will be guarding their selected area of woodland territory from other Bucks prior to the Rut!

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    Quote Originally Posted by webby954 View Post
    cheers for that cadex was getting paranoid that was on ground that was empty of bucks lol
    Not surprising to me, seems to happen same time every year on our land. Seen does the last couple of times, and blanked many others but on the odd night we will then spot 1 or maybe 2 bucks (got one last Thurs). Seen lots of fraying and scrapes, but very elusive. Must be building themselves up for the big-push at rutting time! Like Cadex says, keep an eye on the does and the bucks will naturally follow!

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    Never mind come November there will be loads of Bucks, no Does though

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    Saw a lovely buck this morning - unfortunately on my way into work and in the middle of the motorway trying to get out of the way of cars (he made it but only just)

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    Like others have said its the time of year, they'll appear again shortly

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