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Thread: parker hale floor plate spring

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    parker hale floor plate spring

    when cleaning my 1100 lwt the floor plate sping seperated from the floor plate. it slides under a lip so far then is stopped by a ridge in the spring. is this as far as it goes or should it go further

    regards pj

    will try and post photos tomorrow evening

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    Hi Pj.

    Just had a look at mine, and the ridge in the spring seats just past the two lips either side of the floor plate. If you locate the ridge on the lugs, then press it down towards the floor plate with a finger the spring should slide down past the lugs and locate properly.

    Hope that makes sense.


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    thanks matt

    makes perfect sense. i didnt want to push it under get it stuck and then find it shouldnt be there anyway

    regards pj

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    Attachment 7788as promised but later than i thought some photos. try as i may i cant get the spring under the clip
    Attachment 7787

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    could you do me a favour and take a photo of the magazine block.
    I have just bought one of these and the block is badly worn on one corner where the bolt catches it. just wondered what it looked like originally or on less worn models


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    will do. any excuse to get the gun out. will finish dinner then im on it

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    bewsher did you get yours sorted

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    thanks, sorry for the lack of replay after your efforts.
    i did.
    mine has the same cut off on the corner, I just suspected it was worn away but it was a combination of sticky bits, screw that were too long and the angle the block was presenting the rounds.

    damn good clean and polish.
    all sorted

    will post some pics if I get a chance

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