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Thread: Paradise found and then lost again

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    Paradise found and then lost again

    Just got back home after a day out at the viewing for Holts upcoming auction, and I had to recommend it as one of the best trips I've been on for ages.

    I went with a couple of like-minded pals, and spent a very happy four hours looking at some of the most beautiful and interesting guns and gun related bits and pieces I have ever seen, and certainly the largest collection for sale in one place. My vote for the most beautiful was a Holland double rifle and the most interesting was a 10.75 x 68, but my companions were taken by a Krieghoff rifle (inexplicably kept in a hideous case made from recycled coke cans) and an Asprey doublet in .222 and 28 bore. There were so many guns that I think it would be very hard not to find something of interest to every shooter - regardless of their discipline and preferences.

    Despite being determined that I was only after a couple of things, I have returned home with an A4 sheet of notes and lot numbers. I think that I had better leave placing bids until tomorrow morning when hopefully I will have a cooler head.

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    Have you any photos of the day,especially the coke can one as I am intrigued........Martin

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    Sorry, I took a camera with the intention of taking lots of photos and then my friends and I were like kids in a sweet shop, constantly finding new things to go ooh and aah over - with hindsight and in the cold light of the flat panel monitor, it was a bit embarassing... and I didn't get a single shot.

    The coke can case - I'm not a big fan of aluminium flight cases and it was the least prepossesing example of its ilk I've ever seen. To open it and see that beautiful rifle inside was like seeing an Aston Martin DB4 with a body kit and a spoiler!

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