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Thread: Remington 700 bottom metal.

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    Remington 700 bottom metal.

    I posted about repair of my detachable magazine bottom metal that has broken, well have had no luck in repairing it, so does anyone have one they would like to sell or know where I could get one, don't want to go down the route of badger/HS replacement as my mag won't fit, or at a push does anyone have a bdl bottom metal they would sell.


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    Anglo Custom Rifles do after market bottom metal to fit, I think, an AI mag. When I looked at them at the CLA last year they were priced at 150. I'm not an expert in these things, but the quality looked pretty good.

    If you give Gavin from Anglo Custom a ring he can give you the details.

    Hope this helps. I fear I may have misinterpreted the question.



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    Thanks bob,

    Sounds like the Anglo Custom Ones will be no use with my remington magazine, but will give them a try.

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    Not sure what you are after, however I have an Remmy 700 in an AICS. The magazine is made by Norman Clarke so they might be worth a call. Also Riflecraft do a lot of Remmy 700 conversions so ditto.


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    i would try rifle craft they have lots of remmy stuff

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    It sounds like you're after the bottom metal that Remington fit to their rifles that have a detachable magazine.

    You might struggle to get a replacement in the UK as most people swap the very common sprung floorplate for an aftermarket detachable mag system. I'm not sure how many people would be likely to swap a Remy detachable mag system for an after market one, hence freeing up a spare set of Remy detachable mag bottom metal for you.

    If a replacement Remy part doesn't turn up the Anglo Custom one is good, although as you say, you'd need an AI magazine for that, which are pricey.

    Can't think of another way to do it, except perhaps getting someone from the states to send you the part. Might also be worth a look on the Midway site. They do alot of smithing spares.

    I looked into this a few times as I was looking at Remys but wanted a detachable mag system. The rifle I ended up with had the AICS system, which was ace. Unfortunately it upset Mrs DB and I had to sell it.

    Best of luck with it.



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    As Dovebob said in the reply to your other post if you haven't tried them I would give Roger a ring at SYSS (rimfire magic) or Dave at Valkyre rifles
    They both do Rem700 work so the parts must go somewhere when they upgrade them,
    if they don't have them they will know who does.

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