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Thread: 222 loads

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    222 loads

    hi there anybody out there willing to share some good loads for my brno fox rifle,iv heard that they can be very fussy what they fire.
    many thanks

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    The .222 I have, is the most un-fussy with regards to reloads or otherwise.
    I cleared out my cupboard of all my odds and ends not long ago and I found I had 50gr and 55gr, soft point and hollow bullets loaded with H4198, H322, Nobel Glasgow Rifle No 1 and R7 all with varying charges from 19.5 to 22 grains of powder.
    I sat at 100yards and shot them all off just to get the brass so that I could make a fresh start, I also fired off a few PPU 50gr soft point bullets as well.
    By the time I had finished, I had a hole about three inches across made by a quick succession of eighty bullets. It started about 1" across and as I speeded up my shooting, it gradually enlarged to 3", had I took aimed/slow shots I could have kept it somewhere near the 1" which I started with.
    I have now settled for 20gr of H4198 pushing a Sierra 55gr Hpt and that does for Fox, and Deer where applicable.

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    21gr Reloder 7, 50gr NBT/V-max or whatever, tweak OAL length to suit.

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    IMR 3031 is my best deuce powder with a 50 grain. IMR 4198 at about 18 grains was the record BR load with a 52 grain match bullet.~Muir

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    I too have a CZ .222 which I was loading with 24.2 grains of BLC2 , 52gr Speer HP bullet , CCI 400 primer out of RP brass. [ left-hand target.]
    Supplies of that bullet dried up and I got 200 of the Sierra Blitz 50 grainers.
    At that time I also changed the scope to one with a 56mm objective to help my failing sight.
    After setting it up with the collimator I went to my range to tune it in, I had advanced the powder charge slightly for this lighter bullet.
    The first shot was the one to the right of the target but I took it too many clicks over to the left for the next shots but eventually got the four shots in the centre.
    This load is 24.8gr of BLC2, CCI 400 primer, 50gr Sierra Blitz out of RP brass.

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    I had great success with 23 grains of Viht 133 behind either a 50 grain V-Max or 50 grain Blitzking bullet, 3150 fps on the nose out of a 22" Sako barrel.

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    this is from my old tikka m595 222. before i had it rebarreled in 17 fb

    4 shot group
    19.5 grains of reloader 7
    ppu case
    40 grain blizking
    and cci small bench rest primer

    if you need a 50 grain bullet try the speer tnt. they where designed for the 222

    you wont go wrong with any of the powders below

    vit 133
    reloader 7
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    Here's one that I use in my .222 : 24.5gn of varget with a 52gn Hornady A-max head really pleased with it! One thing I will say is the load is a compressed load so might be worth backing it off to 24gn to start with.

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    in my .222 tikka m595 i use hornady 50gn v-max heads with 21.3gn of hodgden h335 powder,cci small rifle primers,norma or federal brass

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    222 loads

    hi there guys
    thanks for all the info will take on board and hopefully be as accurate as you guys.
    cheers allan

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