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Thread: Remington BDL 700 .243

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    Remington BDL 700 .243

    Hi all

    Bit of a query if to put to you.

    There is a Remington BDL 700 for sale on thius forum.
    Now being sort of new to buying center fire rifles, are these
    makes of gun any good. He's asking 400 which if the gun works out
    to be decent would be a great saving on a new one for me for
    first CF rifle.
    I noticed that it has has over 400 views an no takers as of yet.
    Is this because the gun is of no use to any one or there could be some
    thing wrong with it. He states that it had 160 rounds through its since new
    2yrs ago and only selling because he went on to .308 cal instead.

    Could any of you enlighten me if its worth putting an offer in or leave
    well alone an try for some thing else.



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    I've had rem 700 BDL in 243 for 20+ years never had a problem with it and very accurate if i had to choose between all my rifles this would be the one to keep ! As for the price seems fare to me and if its only had 160 rounds through it then it should make a good rifle

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    had mine for 4 yrs very accurate and no problem with it ,had the gun smith to adjust the trigger,and if it is the same model as mine bdl custom delux ,their are 900 quid in the sportsman now, if its as good as it said ,snap it up mate ,atb steve

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    had a cdl since they came out and got a lvsf last year ive had tikkas in the past still prefer the remmy not trashing the tikkas i just like the remmys better you will not be disapointed

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    I've got two Remys, 243 and 270. Great rifles, well worth considering

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