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Thread: DSC2 phone call

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    DSC2 phone call

    Having submitted my portfolio I am now expecting a call from an assessor in the not too distant future

    What can I expect from the call? (yes I know the phone will initially ring and go click at the end )

    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I was asked what a larder should consist of
    What are the notifiable diseases
    What are the symptoms of said diseases


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    My assessor did not ask any questions to be honest, but he did say all the information he required was in my write ups in the portfolio and the portfolio was up to a high standard. Obviously alot is dependant on what your witnesses have said.

    I guess it all depends on who your assessor is but the main thing be honest, if you dont know say so.

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    I was very lucky also, I had one question to answer, which was written in 2 of my ICR's but wasn't in my 3rd, so I knew the answer anyway.....

    I put it down to the amount of relevant information submitted in my portfolio by my AW/CW's.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Interestingly the three questions I was asked were explained in some detail in my write up and questioning so perhaps he was confirming athenticity?


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    I get a bit annoyed at times by the calls/Questions I get asked because I am not the candidate, I am the AW
    I have been asked
    " are the answers given yours or your candidate"
    " How long have you been stalking" in most cases longer than the age of the assessor.
    " How did you find the candidate" I found him quite nice but I didn't sleep with him
    Then we end up chatting about this and that for about half an hour and I have been invited to 'pop in' if ever I'm passing for a cup of tea

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    Hi Eddy,
    I am coming to the end of a week on a course with two of the best assessors in this part of the country and they tell me there are still some dodgy AW's out there, so maybe thats why they are asking all AW's these questions and rightly so, candidates should get through on what they know and not who they know....!!!!!!


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    Hi Tony,
    Glad you are enjoying your course, give my regards to Dominic and Chris, don't believe a word Chris says about me, that is if you get more than a grunt from him when you mention my name !!!
    I have heard a few stories, but none can be substantiated, but it is not a story of 'who you know' but 'how much you pay'
    As regards assessors questioning AW's, I am sure some of them do it as a sort of power trip to boost their egos.

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    I got the call while I was in hospital which was typical as up to then I had been religiously carrying around a copy of my portfolio just in case but didn't have it with me there! I told the assessor my predicament and he offered to call back another time but also mentioned that I wouldn't need my portfolio, so then I started worrying that I might sound like I need a 'cheat sheet' to refer to so I agreed to just go for it there and then!

    He only asked me questions that needed clarifying from the portfolio, e.g. larder (temp etc), specifying the minimum bullet weight only applies to Scotland and identifying Sika and I think that was about it. I was expecting all sorts on notifiable diseases but didn't get any of that.

    Eddy, I was also asked whether the answers were all my own, but I think it was due to the fact that my first two ICR's were typed/printed out and were very thoroughly answered! Obviously when you are typing something out you can spend more time editing it and getting it just right. The third ICR was hand written as I answered. Neither is wrong, I guess he just wanted to check.

    Certificate turned up 3 weeks later!


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