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Thread: Magnum Mauser Rigby Rifle .400/350 NE

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    Magnum Mauser Rigby Rifle .400/350 NE

    Anybody an authority on these ??

    As I appear to have one !

    cheers FlyBoy270

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    Does that take the rimmed round? I thought most of the 400/350 were doubles and so lots of money, particularly if rising bite/drop lock. Still would be a lovely piggy rifle! If it is in good condition it is worth quite a bit. 310 grains at about 2100 fps. Brass available from Bertram in Oz. The action and magazine were a special from Mauser to take the rimmed round.

    Lucky you.

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    what did you just discover it under the bed or behind the towels in the airing cupboard?!

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    If yours is the Rigby 400/.350 it was built to fire 43 grains smokeless (Cordite) with a 310 grain bullet with a MV of 2150 fps and energy of 3190 ftlbs. if it is the .350 Magnum which was built as a direct competitor to the Holland 375 (well tried to be) that fired 62 grains of Cordite a 225 grn bullet at 2600 fps with an energy of 3380 ftlbs.
    If this lovely old rifle has the square bridge magnum Mauser action have it rebarreled by Rigby for the superb .416 go on you know you should

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    Seems a shame to lose the originality of a real classic. Kynoch still list the ammunition.


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    Talk to Adam at Pukka Bundhooks. He will probably give you chapter and verse on it.

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    Best all-round cartridge ever!

    I had one of these until a persistent friend managed to persuade me to sell it to him a couple of years ago. I have regretted it ever since. Hunted in Africa with it twice and in France once.

    If you are still looking for reloading data, please give me a shout; I have plenty - and notes of several trials that didn't work.

    I see that some members suggest the muzzle velocity of the 310 grain standard bullet was 2150 fps. From my experience that is not correct, although it is widely written, including in the Nobel/Kynoch catalogue for 1925. The original velocity was in fact 2000 fps, as per ICI's catalogue of 1926 and this is born out by the fact that my rifle's sights regulated at that velocity. Perhaps other rifles were regulated for the higher velocity load - it makes quite a difference to the sighting, even on a bolt action - but with most of the rifles being doubles, I suspect the 2150 fps was just a misprint which has become 'received wisdom. that velocity also appears in 'Pondoro's' African Rifles and Cartridges and his earlier Big Game and Big Game Rifles. Original ammo was 2000 fps over my chrony.

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