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Thread: How's this for a problem!

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    How's this for a problem!

    Hi all, just had these through from one of the Outfitters we work with in Namibia.

    Burger Oelofsen loves Ostriches and has always had them on his farm - shame the feeling isn't mutual - this is what they just did to him!

    And these are the critters that did it!

    Bet you're all glad that chickens, pheasant and pigeons don't get this big!



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    I have heard those things can get a bit aggressive in the mating season, I knew a girl like that once


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    Yeah, I almost married her myself!


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    More on Oom Burger

    Hi all, sorry for the delay in posting more - been away in South Africa for a bit - as you do!

    Anyway, I showed this thread to oom Burger Oelofsen while I was out in Namibia and he was a bit concerned that people would think him a pussy- testosterone and all that, and he's a really nice bloke so I said I'd post this up so you get a better feel for the chap!

    This is Burger Oelofsen (right) together with a huge problem lion that he tracked with the happy hunter shown to the left - quite a chap huh, and the lion's pretty impressive too!

    Anyway, Burger's fine now and has healed totally, but I still didn't get to shoot the damned Ostrich - back again in Feb so maybe then!

    Cheers folks


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