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Thread: TIKKA T3 .223 Lite Stainless

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    TIKKA T3 .223 Lite Stainless

    Tikka T3 Lite Stainless, only 51 factory rounds from new, excellent condition, well maintained,dry weather use only.
    PES T12 Scout moderator, same amount of use only 51 rounds, powder coated black, stainless steel baffles,
    Warne mounts suitable for 30mm tube, (8x56 scope)
    49 rounds Sako ammo

    Looking for 800

    For sale to make way for .243, located in Fife, pm for further details, photos to follow.

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    Does this include scope? If so, what is it? If not... How much minus the mounts?

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    PM sent

    The mounts and the ammo are not reflected in the price of the rifle.

    There is no scope for sale with it.

    Price wise 800 reflects the condition of the rifle and the little amount it has done basically like new and you are getting an as new 270 moderator free.

    The rifle was carefully shot in and is fantastically accurate, I have found it to be the perfect outfit for summer stalking and I am only selling it as a .243 will be more suited to my changing needs.

    I am currently having camera issues but hope to have this resolved in the next day or so.

    Any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    RFD to RFD or face to face sale



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    Please note slight rubbing of paint on the outer edge at the top of the moderator and slight rubbing from moderator bush on barrel.

    Any questions etc please PM me, thanks.

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    SOLD subject to usual conditions etc.

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